2HayFM is a local run and operated radio station for the community of Hay. Broadcasting frequency of 92.1 FM

Studio and Offices

The main studio and administrative/production office occupies two ground-floor rooms at the Hay Railway station – some upstairs rooms (where the on-air studio once resided) are used for storage.


A brief History…

2HAYFM began when some forward-thinking and community-minded volunteers got together in the mid-to-late 1980s to set up a broadcasting studio and gained permission to do some test broadcast sessions. Many Hay personalities tried their hand at announcing as far back as 1986, with technical expertise and equipment provided mainly by electronics wiz Tony Livotto and Phil Shields.

During 1992, a serious effort to get 2HAYFM registered for full-time broadcasting with a professional staff and an organised schedule of volunteer announcers and automation began, with Russell Booby the driving force behind these moves, which were able to take advantage of changes to Community Radio sponsorship laws to make “advertising” a more viable fund-raising option for such non-profit stations.

By late 1992, 2HAYFM was broadcasting full-time on 92.1MHz and sponsorships allowed for the funding of professional staff for management, Local News, Sport and Sponsorship production. Peter McManus was the then ubiquitous “voice” of 2HAYFM.

The same staffing structure (Management, Local News/Sport, Sponsorship Production) has continued since then, with expansion of a dynamic sponsorship production team making 2HAYFM a viable, self-funding concern for the longer term, and allowing progressive technological upgrades to streamline the production process.



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Thanks to the constant support of the Hay Shire we are able to provide with support.

Only this year (2014) the Hay Shire donates several computers needed for the station to keep running at the highest standards. Truly we can not thank them enough for the help over the years…









Community Broadcasting Foundation

About the CBF

The Community Broadcasting Foundation is an independent non-profit funding agency that seeks, secures and distributes funding to support the development, creativity and sustainability of community broadcasting in Australia.

Community broadcasting involves participation in non-profit media which is committed to access, diversity, independence, localism, multiculturalism, and social justice.

Our vision: community broadcasting is a thriving independent media sector for all Australian communities.





Community Broadcasting Association of Australia

The Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA) is the national peak body for community radio stations. The CBAA provides leadership and support for our members to facilitate independent broadcasting services and to build and strengthen local communities.
The CBAA strives to be a flexible, forward thinking, diverse, vibrant and effective representative organisation, focused on developing strong communities through local, diverse and accessible broadcasting.

The CBAA undertakes many activities, including:

  • Member services & advice
  • Policy formation
  • Government and regulatory liaison
  • Audience & sector research
  • Program and music distribution
  • Audio production
  • Sector training

CBAA members include fully licensed stations as well as groups aspiring to hold a permanent broadcast licence. At present the CBAA has over 270 member stations who are actively broadcasting nationwide. CBAA membership is not restricted to stations; other organisations and individuals who support the development of community broadcasting can also join as affiliate members.

The CBAA aims to:

  • Promote the values of the community broadcasting sector through practical actions
  • Build station capacity by providing quality advice, support and services to members
  • Advance the interests of the sector through policy leadership, advocacy and public campaigns
  • Enhance our communications strategies to raise awareness and knowledge of the sector
  • Increase organisational capacity to reflect best practice and facilitate sustainable growth.
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