Margaret Myers – President/Treasurer







Hard taskmaster, but keeps the station going.


Caroline Warr – Vice President


Jasmine Gregory – Secretary








Adrian Myers









Committee as follows:

Pat Nolen


Damon Slattery

Born at a very young age, to two pretty cool parents, I’ve always had brown and gold Hawthorn football club flowing through my veins. I was always a pretty cool kid who once single-handedly with a glass of water and hoe, defended a small village in the laneway from a horde of ferocious army ants. I would describe myself as a pretty chilled, good guy but don’t get me wrong, I like to live life on the edge. Once I cooked thirty minute brownies in twenty minutes and logged onto the Disney website without my parents permission. I was dating Megan Fox for a while which got me voted Time’s Magazine man of the year, but it didn’t work out in the end. I’m currently working toward the afl with an emphasis in fantasy football. I am a private civilian, yet I receive fan mail. Years ago, I discovered the meaning of life but forgot to write it down. For my achievements, I can ride my bike without training wheels and I can throw a tennis ball pretty far. I am often mistaken for Leonardo DiCaprio.

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Lily Huntly


Ken Larkin


Date Became a Board Member: October 2013

Your Reason for becoming a board member: I have always had a passion for community work and volunteering, something which was an integral part of my recent corporate life. I also have a desire one day to be a announcer, and 2 Hay FM has a great policy of involving anyone in the community to be an active presenter on the station.

Personal Attributes (That you feel are relevant for a committee like this): I have recently retired from corporate life after 42 years, where for the last 15 years I was in Snr Leadership/Management roles managing businesses with large balance sheets and turnover. I can bring this financial experience in advice and counsel to the everyday running of the station. I have also been a part of community boards, such as Rotary (15yrs) and can also bring this experience and competency to assist the board in the effective management and running of the board of 2 Hay FM.

How do you think the Radio station can benefit the community: The radio station is a key communication media for our community, and has already gained a fantastic reputation amongst all community members of Hay. The station can continue to be the glue that holds the community together, and also provide community support through supportive voice media for all community groups, schools, and of course our valued sponsors.


Debbie Doyle



Peter Seaman



Thora Doidge